07 Aug

Coding – Should it be compulsory?

Papua New Guinea  should follow in Australia’s footsteps and introduce compulsory coding for school children, to address the IT skills shortage.

The Australian government recently endorsed a new school curriculum that makes coding and programming classes compulsory for children as young as eight.

I code websites and tried Android Development but most of the times it becomes a challenge because I never actually learned coding.

Camille Agon, co-founder of WeThinkCode, says:

“Learning how to code is also critical to understand and live in this new economy and society in which we live in and where digital is everywhere. Code is how you address computers and robots. If you don’t want to be obsolete and blindly dependent on technology, you will need to learn how to code. This is true for children and for adults.”

In this age where technology is becoming everything, Young children need to start learning coding in school so that their lives will be relatively easier and more productive than ours.

Code – the essence of IT.


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This post has helped me think things thougrh

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