07 Aug

Unnecessary Loss of Potential Clients

Originally Appeared on LinkedIn:

Most PNG business websites have an Online contact form that requests people to use to contact the company. I have used some to contact respective companies but, to be honest, i never received a reply from any of my inquiries. Its worse when, TELIKOM (PNG), a communication company of high profile never got back to me since then (2 months ago) even though I sent the same message 3 times.

Easiloan, has an online application form feature that i filled out but, I got no response, whatsoever, so I called the number that was provided on the website and someone answered…


 “Hello, I’m Zechariah Yakap from NPCP. I lodged an application online and didn’t get a response yet so I’m following up on that.”

Lady on the phone:

 “Which email did you send it to?”


 There are five (5) possible reasons for this:

  1. Sadly, the email address specified in the contact form has a mistake.
  2. Maybe, the email addresses are not registered in the Mail Central.
  3. No one is assigned with the login details of those email addresses associated with the contact forms.
  4. Probably, those associated to the email addresses do not check the inboxes.
  5. Or worse, they just ignore the mail.

This affects the overall image of the company or organization because it:

  1.  paints a bad impression of the organizations. Like my experience with Telikom PNG.
  2. Makes the inquirer feel that they are not being attended to.
  3. is a direct loss of potential clients/customers.


You might be facing the same situation. To get out of this, tell your website developer to do the following:

  1.  Recheck the email addresses and make sure they are correct.
  2. Include at least two or three associated email addresses. This will help cover when the directly responsible person is out of office (leave or vacation).
  3. Assign Auto-forwarders.
  4. Configure automatic reply that has contact details to be referred to if the email or online form message is not being attended to.
  5. Configure phones to receive emails on the go!


Save your company image and retain potential clients,

 do it now.

If you need someone to recheck your website and re-configure everything, let us know.

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November 19, 2016 Reply

So much info in so few words. Toolsty could learn a lot.

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